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02 July 2019

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What Is the Difference Between Lawn Care and Landscaping?

Do you know the difference between lawn care and landscaping? When engaging in maintenance services renters often mistakenly think that these two services are the same, when in reality there’s a clear contrast between the two.

Usually, a popular choice when house sharing is hiring professionals to maintain the outdoor space, you should know what lawn care and landscaping are so that any unnecessary confusion could be avoided when you’re booking their services. Aside from that, tons of your precious time could also be saved because you’d know about the exact kind of service that you’d need to look out for from companies around your area.
Below is the difference between to two services.

Lawn Care

When there is already an established yard that requires some maintenance, lawn care is the exact type of service needed to help maintain the health, growth and appearance of the elements in an existing garden.
Lawn care services typically include lawn mowing, irrigation, fertilization, core aeration, weed control, and pruning, among others. Each of these services must be done correctly in order to help maintain and achieve an excellent quality lawn that stands out from the rest.
For instance, lawn mowing services is a task that may seem like a very simple thing to do, but service providers who offer mowing lawns usually take into account the appropriate grass cutting height before doing the job due to the crucial role the cutting height plays on the long-term health of grass.
Furthermore, lawn care tends to be a long-term service that recurs throughout the year, with regular scheduled visits that would last for at least an hour or more.


Landscaping is the art of transforming an outdoor space either by planning, designing, planting, rearranging, or construction. It generally involves planting and caring for different types of plants – ranging from grass and shrubs to flowers and trees. It also involves the installation of hardscapes such as fountains, pools, ponds, patios, decks, walkways, pavers, garden sculptures, and so much more.
Even though landscaping is normally a costly endeavour for someone whose yard needs a lot of work, especially for someone whose outdoor space is starting from scratch, it is a worthy investment due to the benefits offered of having a well-landscaped yard.
For starters, landscaping can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, and increase the value of your property. It can also reduce the stress levels of your family, and make your home a lot healthier. Finally, landscaping can help you and your neighbours breathe pure air, reduce the occurrence of floods in your area, and provide insulation in the hot and cold seasons.
Unlike lawn care gigs, landscaping projects often last significantly longer due to the heavy amount of work involved, making it a bigger investment for homeowners.


Just remember that if it involves the maintenance and upkeep of the elements in your garden, then it is lawn care. And if it involves planting, installing or designing structural or organic elements for your yard, then it’s landscaping.
Now that you know about the difference between lawn care and landscaping, perhaps it’s time to book the service that your outdoor space needs.
Most lawn service providers offer both lawn care and landscaping services to their clients, but there are also some that provide just one of the two.
However, if you can’t find any lawn service provider around your area, some professional cleaning companies also offer lawn care and garden maintenance services to their customers.
Although these types of businesses specialize in cleaning, they are capable of performing yard work of exceptional quality. This is because the cleaning professionals they will send to your property are typically trained to do jobs outside of home cleaning.

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