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02 July 2019

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What Should I Do If My Car Key Is Broken?

If there’s one thing that a car owner never wants to experience, it’s to suddenly discover that their car key is broken, damaged or cut in half.
Whether your car is an SUV, a sedan, a jeep, or a truck, a broken car key is something that will cause you great inconvenience, especially if you need your vehicle to get to Uni. It’s basically just a nightmare scenario for every car owner, whether they’re driving a car that has a traditional lock or a keyless entry system.

So what you should you do once you find out that your car key is broken?
First things first, call a professional locksmiths they have the training and resources to help.  Trying to rectify or force a key into a lock can cause more issues and damage, therefore can cost you more money in the long run, especially if you have a traditional mechanical key.

So if for some reason your car key broke in half or got damaged while inside your pocket – or if your key suddenly snapped in two while inside the keyhole and got stuck, as a result, don’t do anything that might make the problem worse. Instead, call an auto locksmith immediately.
For those with an older car, the professional auto locksmith will come to you with proper key cutting resources to make you a new one based on your broken key. If the key got stuck in the ignition or the door lock, the locksmith will pull it out (using key extraction tools or techniques) and make you another key all the same.

For those with a newer car, there’s no need to worry because most of today’s auto locksmiths know how to repair or replace broken or damaged remote key fobs. It’s a service of theirs called car key programming or repair, and making it available to their customers has been necessary due to the increasing number of cars with keyless entry systems.

Super gluing the key together or calling the dealership to request for a replacement key are two alternative solutions that might work out for you. But with the same-day resolution and reliable fix that a professional locksmith can provide, there’s no denying the fact that calling a locksmith is indeed the best solution for anyone with a broken car key problem, whether it’s a traditional mechanical key or a wireless fob.
Plus, most locksmith companies offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services, which means you’re not completely doomed when you experience a car key problem at an ungodly hour.

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